The Optimist

Countless tears cried, created an ocean.
Out of the pain, pure love and devotion.
Wounded and scarred, patience to heal and tough skin.
Loss after loss, ambition to win.

Stricken with fear, now someone so brave.
Blind promiscuity, so well behaved.
Slouched over, incompetent, now I puff up my chest.
Myriad of stones thrown, shape the beach where I rest.

Strayed from the path, now paving my own.
Wander the streets, I embody my home.
Aiming too low, now I shoot for the sky.
Many unanswered prayers, I no longer ask why.

Rejected by others, I fell in love with "me."
Chains weighing me down, now I'm set free.
Taking advantage, now it's my turn to give.
Knocked on deaths door, now I know how to live.

Fits of panic and chaos, now I keep calm in crisis.
Sold myself short, now I know this soul is priceless.
Once too meek to speak, now I've found my voice.
A simple change in perspective, happiness is my choice.

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