The Other Side

Is there a spirit who's bothering my soul in the other side,
or is it a white spark of lightning who's singing
its desperate songs.
Oh! Where did you find such bright, vividly colored wings
that you use to fade away my astonishing memories...
Which still lie to break me into tiny pieces of gleaming glass?
I remember those days, when I was free from this dreadful
cage. Where if I wanted I splashed and swim in the melody
of the sea, where I would lie beside the beach and feel the
cool breeze scan through my sunken soul.
Where these horrible humans couldn't throw shallowed pieces of
broken glass on me each day, and I could live my life
in peace and happiness.
But now, I know who is the other side. Who is trying to scare me and
lie. It's no spirit or ghost to scare me off, but it's
my own soul who has its two parts of a role.
One which is free, and the other which is still a mystery!

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