The Other Side

I came to a bridge and had to decide
Would life be better on the other side?
I looked across as wandering eyes do
The grass was green, the sky deep shade of blue
I gazed back to where I stood
Looking around, the landscape good
How much better can that side be?
Than where I stand and all I see
This bridge of life tempts me to cross
Will it hold riches or peril and loss?
My mind wanders far and wide
Staring at that other side
Is it better as I've been told?
How will it make my life unfold?
If I cross shall I look back,
Seeing this side as I see that?
What possibilities does it hide,
For those who cross to the other side?
To stay here I'll never know
Long I stare; I'm sure to go
To that bridge I take in stride
Heading for that other side
My heart beats fast; I clinch my jaws
Halfway across I stop and pause
Thinking of things that will be
Far beyond all I can see

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