The Other way Round


When you can still find darkness under the lamp
Or when you can realize that tear rolling down in cluster of laughters
Or when you can recognize that dull black in bright shinning black
Or when you can notice those swollen eyes in that beautiful face
Or when you can know that, that the person is insomniac
Or when you can understand that sorrow behind that happiness
Or when you can see pain of failure behind the success glow

May be its the other way round
That darkness under the lamp realizes the value of light
That rolling tear is due to that excessive laughter
That dull black represents its own uniqueness and depth
That those swollen eyes are due to beautifully spent sleepless night
That, that insomniac cannot sleep due to excitment for the next day
That sorrow is actually the reason for the future happiness
That pain of failure is forming the step for sucess

It's just the way you look at things
It's the perspective of an individual
It's the mentality you carryout with you
It's the attitude with which you take situations
It's the ideologies you lead your life with
It's the way you judge and take action
It's the positivity you carry in your mind
It's just looking the other way round.

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