The other woman

Our eyes met across a busy intersection.
Glazing like the shimmering moonlight sky.
Turning in each other's direction.
For a moment I thought he was shy.

Knowing he had a girlfriend.
I was desperate to be his other woman.
Hopefully this would not be a trend.
Trying so hard to be the perfect woman.

Consuming our time together.
My heart skipped several beats.
His skin was soft like a feather.
Riding and vidin in the midnight streets.

Our first encounter was oh so sweet.
As we both agreed , that this was a one night fling.
His smooth hands touching my inner thighs
Looking deeply into his eyes.
Surely he must not have heard my cries.

Two more times of this secret affair.
Somehow I caught real Feelings.
This wasn't suppose to happen I SWEAR.
Now my heart needs so much healing.

Being the other woman wasn't easy.
Tears rolled down my Rosey cheeks.
I just didn't want to seem needy.
Finding happiness I mush seek.

Phone calls,text messages no more
He really disappeared in the early morning coldness.
I laid on the dusty marble floor.
Him and me together was so hopeless.

The other woman is long gone.
Ending this affair right before Dawn.
Waking up with eyes puffy and red, I let out a long yawn.
My heart isn't really torn.
He left me.
So now I'm just a woman scorned.

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This Poems Story

This poem is basically saying how,being someone Number 2 Can have it's Problems. I found myself and began to love me for me. I ended this affair and never looked back. I felt so bad afterwards. So my experience taught me a lesson. I'll never make the same mistakes twice. All my poems are about what I go through in life. So every poem is about me. I put blood,sweat and tears into my poems. Someone once told me. In order to write you have to experience life.