The Outcasted Outcast

To be a part of the outcasts at the surface,
That seems like something no one would want to be a part of.
But if you asked them not many would want much different.
They have their group and that's all we really want isn't it?
So when you're more of an outcast than the outcasts,
Where do you go from there?
Freelancing from group to group, so it seems.
Your group consist of one member, yourself.
You live in a temporary, freelance state from group to group,
But most of the time you end up alone.
So many experiences missed out on:
Those late night movies,
Saturday nights perusing the town,
Conversations trying to figure out what to do about him or her,
Hours spent talking about others,
Getting to really know someone and their desires,
Sharing birthdays,
Exchanging gifts,
Experiencing the world.
Without any of that where is the joy? the fun? the purpose?
You can have fun by yourself,
But you get used to it, it doesn't last.
The possibilities of what can happen dwindle with less people,
And when it's yourself you know exactly how things will go.
If only they didn't like me.
How simple that would be.

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