The Pack

Welcome to: the Pack.
This pack is the strongest out of them all.
Also the largest.
This pack has three main priorities.
To survive.
To protect.
To recreate.
There are many alphas.
The strongest and wisest of them all.
There are many betas.
The most trusted of them all.
There are many omegas.
The most ferocious but kind of them all.
There are many soon-to-be adults.
The apprentices.
There are many cubs.
The troubles makers of them all.
Everywhere you go,
There is whispers of this pack.
The longest to ever thrive.
When one speaks the name of the pack,
Others are swept into many feelings towards each other.
This pack is called:

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This Poems Story

Each status of the wolfs represent the human social status from ancestors to cubs. Love your family.