The Pain

How can someone bear the pain?
Of loosing someone,
Not knowing what to do,
When all you do is cry,
How do you bare,
A heart break, or a mistake
How do you bare the pain,
From A heart break, or a mistake.
Wishing you could take back
Something that you said,
Something that you did,
What would you do if you could go back in time?
Would you do things differently,
Or would you make the same mistake,
If You had one mistake, that ruined who you were
If you had one thing to say, could you say it
If you only had a day to live, a day to love
Would you spend it Living,
If I said I love you would you believe it,
The things we fear are the things we regret most,
The things on our mind is what ruins who we are.
Not Caring is what ruins us as a society.
But Loosing ourself,
That's what kills, Not just who we are, but who we will become..

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