The Pain I Feel

I'm hurting so bad inside
It hurts so bad I want to die
Because the pain of dying would be easier than this
Because of it's you that I miss

The touch of your hand, the kiss from your lips
This love is real and this love will stick
Just give me a change to prove to you
That everything within me and that I have is all for you

You're all I think about day and night
no matter what I do I can't get you off my mind
I'm going insane without you around
It's like I have fallen and about to hit the ground

This pain I feel I've never felt before
I can't deal with this pain or my life anymore
This is killing me inside not seeing you
tell me anything what am I to do

I can't live without you and I don't want to
I thought the way you felt was the same way too
My life is nothing am I am no one without you
I will always be alone if I can't have you

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