The Pain In Love

I love you

As I walk, all the things I see remind me of you.
Sweet honey smelling peach blossoms
as they fall and bring the scent of you.
An old couch downstairs for waiting between classes
where we sat together as I look at you.
The freshly watered green summer,
getting your pants wet as I laugh with you.
These stone walkways worn down by hurrying feet,
We’ve strolled nights and days, holding onto you.
Looking up at warm glowing sun
As we watched it go up and down, getting blushing kisses by you.
Outside of my tall building with glass doors,
Where we walked back together, saying a sad goodnight to you.
The rocky sloped Butte Mountain
From the first time we were together till now, as time speedily passed with you.

Anytime I see dark brown hair,
Memories of all the times
I’ve brushed the fluffy thick beautiful hair on you.
Anytime I see a camera,
Memories of all the times
You, shooting pictures as I lovingly admire you.
Anytime I pass your dorm building
Memories of all the times
I slyly snuck in to visit so that I could see you.

All these things make me realize how much I love you.
Why else would I check my phone every minute?
I hope for texts from you.
Why else would I cry when you are not here?
I need you.
Why else would I stay up till midnight and wake up early?
I want to spend as much time as possible with you.
Why else would I buy food to share?
I want to enjoy every moment with you.

This love is sweet but hurts.
Do you think of these things about me?
Have you needed me?
Do you enjoy those moment with me?
Is it painful to not be with me?
Have you ever felt sad when you don’t hear from me?
Do you ever go to places just to see if I’m there?
Have you ever bought something just to see a smile from me?
Are you selfish for my attention and love?

I need to feel your love.
Where is your need for me?
As you occupy my mind every day,
Do I ever occupy a small part of your heart?
I can’t help feeling these bittersweet tears of love.
As you say you love me,
Can you show me,

You love me?

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