The pain of a young girl

The pain of a young girl

The pain of a young girl, just trying to be free, free from this pain and misery….
Free from others, even from me, myself, and I…..
The pain of a young girl, who dreams of feeling love…..
The pain of a young girl, who is trying to understand why….
Why is this world so cold? Why is it so hard for a young girl to let go…
To let go of sorrow and hurt, her father felt like she wasn’t good enough because she won’t wear a skirt…..
The pain of a young girl, who battered inside out, so much going on around her, she could just scream and shout…
But she keeps her head up, even though sometimes she feels like giving up, but the strength that within her kicks in, just when things seem like they’re about to cave in….
That’s when GOD's love begins to show, hearing him say, “MY BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL DON’T YOU LET GO...”
So she listens and begins to ask him, “WHY GOD, WHY ME…”
Hearing GOD says, “MY DARLING WHY WOULD IT NOT BE” see, I know you are strong enough to handle this, that’s why I chose you...
I know you would be the one to see it through; I believe in you…
See, everything in life has a reason, and everyone has their season….
This young black girl may be going through pain but hold on to GOD's everlasting love and faith, and everything will change….
See, pain doesn’t last forever, only for a night, but joy comes within the morning to bring its light….
The light that’s within, the light from a friend, the light from above, the light that shows you how to love, the light from the beginning, the light at the end…
Forgiveness is the start, so the pain of a young black broken girl, please, please, please open your mind, but most importantly young black wonderful girl, please, please, please just open your heart…
And just remember that things don't always fall apart and everything will be just fine, in due time…

Keyonna S.Thompson.

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