The pain of finding love

From moonless skies to starlit eyes,
From a soulful heart to sorrow filled smiles.
Nothing compares to the beauty unshared,
Nothing compares to the beauty unearthed.
A connection like this is rare to find.
Two souls travel, a vast distance, a measure of time,
Two souls find what the other yearns,
A simple gesture, gone untouched.
Two souls do travel, to meet the other,
Two souls do meet to share their endeavour.
From afar feet trod ever so sore,
After their trouble they no longer have fear.
The world itself cracks under them,
As if to split and cause them pain.
Drifting apart to keep them afar.
Travelling onwards, blistering souls carry on,
No map, no compass, no way of knowing,
A simple thread that is hardly there,
Leads the two, to their hearts desire.
Together again they find their longing.
Together they belong, with hope filled hearts.

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