The Pain Of Life

The flames still burn in memory,
The air is filled with the stench of dead bodies,
More than 1,600 lives were taken,
The graves are crying for more,
As we fill them up with the lives of innocent people,
We run around in joy and happiness,
But we don’t see that others are suffering,
The sun falls and the moon rises,
We sleep in peace,
They cry in sorrow,
We dance and sing with songs of joy,
They sing and pray with songs of hope,
We don’t see the way they do,
Instead take advantage of what we have,
Endless wars never stopping,
Not even for a minute,
Not one break to take their minds off of it,
They fight only to die without a reason but to protect,
We sit around and never get up,
No rest,
No stops,
Their hunted like animals,
We complain but do we really deserve it,
If only we were like them,
We could see what they see,
The pity we give to them is nothing compared to the hope and pain of that person.

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