The Pain That Never Leaves

Let's start with the fact that the pain never left,
the pain just grew and never stopped.
The day it all happened I broke down,
I fell apart, I felt like the world fell apart..
Like nothing was left of me.
The way my family hated me for things i never meant,
for all the things I did when I was in the wrong
and you were in the right..
The day you left is the day I knew I was sorry
and there was no way to fix it.
I tried to tell you that I was sorry
but my actions said otherwise.
Now we stand here in a place that I wish you could see.
Now is the time I wish I could show you how successful I became
and how much more I have to show.
Although you're up in the sky I know you're happy.
I feel like this is all a dream and i'm seconds away
from waking up.
Seeing grandma everyday, seeing how she feels and
all the pain she can't express.
Maybe one day you will hold her hand and go along
loving each other.
Once again she will be in the arms of the one man
who gave her the life she once adored.
One day you both can see me and say I wasn't a mistake.
That I was worth the second chance and your second chance
made it somewhere in life before any other person would.
You will see how much I am doing for you guys to be proud of me.
I love you both dearly.

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