The Pain Within - The Final Release

Screaming voices in my head,
I want to die,
I wish to be dead,
The Demons that stalk the corridors of my mind,
Apathy and delusion,
Evil thoughts trying to break free,
Is there no solution,
A Satanic unearthly pain,
Eyes full of venomous hate,
My thought’s are in confusion,
Belligerent irascible emotion,
I want to destroy my brain,
Dark secrets that I struggle to hide,
Sinister and grotesque,
Oh how I cried, I cried,
Inner visions of hideous anger and frustration,
Please let me have some peace,
Words of malice that I try to conceal,
A heinous battle within my head,
A raging cacophony that you cannot hear,
Release me from this hallucinogenic dread,
Oh thank you , thank you,
No more voices,
Just silence,
Eternal silence.
The Final Release.

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    This Poems Story

    Based on a person suffering from schizophrenia and what goes through their mind