The Pain You Left Me With

I cry myself to sleep,
hoping you would know
How much this feeling hurts me.

To see you with a new girl,
Knowing now that you moved along.
I'm stuck here beneath these sheets,
With nothing more then the pain you left me.

Why did you hurt me so bad.
When I was the one always there by your side.
I was given nothing but broken promises,
But yet, your still on my lonely mind.

My heart is pure like gold,
And you threw my love for you out.
But as i see you, wasting your time on someone new
The new girl who is cheating on you, really is not that pure.

I wished you well my love, but I hope you know,
That the pain you gave me,
Will shortly catch up to you, my baby boo.

Oh now, tell me please.
Is that you crying beneath those sheets.
You came running back to me.
Is there something you like to see?

I told you from the beginning,
I was the one for you,
But you tossed my love out.
Like a fish in a never ending ocean.

Oh tell me please, does it hurt to see,
That the love I had for you, will never be the same.
This is the pain that I once was given,
Now this pain will be yours, it is what you deserve.

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