The Painter of Words

She's the painter of words
The shadows of the audience silently crumble her down
The life she has dreamt has turned into her nightmare
She's trapped inside her own thoughts
They're pushing, tearing, breaking her
It's pulling her apart from the inside out
They pick out the flaws and discard the rest

Slowly, she picks up her pencil and notebook; it's her only escape
Her plots and thoughts have gone astray
She's leaving now
She's running
Away with these thoughts, she screams
Leave and never return
For this life she has, she would like to thank
Her reality isn't perfect, but it's fine enough for her

They think she's losing her mind
She can't be
She isn't
She won't
Because one day
There will come a time when the audience actually listens
There will come a time when she will be known
There will come a time when she can be her

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