The panda in the fedora

I was in a dark sad alley
I saw a cat
A cat in a hat
He was big and white and cute as a button
With some black spots
I picked him up and took him home

When I saw his hat
I went ooh
It's a fedora
And everyone knows nothing is cuter than a cat in a fedora

I fed him and fed him
He wouldn't eat
I thought he might of been sick
So I tried looking at him
Then I realized I wasn't doctor or vet

So I took him to the vet
Where he was checked
And when the vet told me the news
My jaw dropped to the floor

The cat was a alien

Just kidding
He was a panda
A panda in a fedora
Who would've known
We got a lot of bamboo
And went home

Still don't understand how he was fling the other day
Ummm probably normal

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