The Pandemic Teacher


Tattered, torn, run down to sot
Emotionally drained, mentally insane
Crazy how fast life has changed
Caged like a dog with no way out
Working from a home cell without a doubt
Do it for the children so they will not give up
When all you really want is a relaxing day
Peace and quite in this storm
Reassuring thoughts this is not the new norm
For it looks is but is super hard
Teaching, learning, helping without doubt
Will this work or is it all insane
Who really knows but your work will not be in vain
You pick yourself up and push on through
For you hold a role that others look to
So you stand there strong with all your might
Never let anyone know what you feel inside
One day soon you will get to rest
When all this is over and you have reached the crest
Until then you will be the strongest yet
Fighting for what you know is best
No one will be left behind
Your heart tells you that this is not the time
So hold your head high and march right on
The war on education will always stay won

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