The Papers We Burn to Forget Our Memories

Night is the loneliest time, for it hugs the sky.
Chasing the light and its chance of it leaving you behind.
Running through clouds to see sharp air break before me
Setting sun beneath the amber glow, somehow that I know
Broken dreams kiss my face, cut my lips, hurt me now.
Softly I fall in the trap once more, banging on my door.

Pain runs ‘round, rocks roll down, bites too deep, might kill me.
Eyes of gold, God disproving God through nighttime play.
Damned hugs of surprise to suffice my hunger for you.
Believe me, I beg, I sleep through this hell, I know it too well.
Tough leather around my heart sleeps in blue, broken beds
Swing the vine, satisfied, stop the strife, dying from greed.

Hot in death, cool in the sun through the screams red and painful
Ruining my appetite for a smile in life.
Night is the loneliest time, for it sends out cries
Help is a necessity, but is not always received.
Eyes of black, God disproving God through daytime play.
Softly I fall in the trap once more, running through my open door.

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