The Paradise

Can you see these peaceful trees?
that smile a mile wide!
Look, here comes the soft wind!
touching tenderly on my rosy cheeks
The flowers his themselves behind the bush,
as the bees look for them.
The bees flew mindlessly around,
as silly as a silly goat.
The river is a fast runner,
tumbling rapidly over it’s bed.
The tall waterfall is fast moving,
like a stampede running away.
The trees were tall and strong,
like towers of the forest.
They danced excitingly to the wind,
but the weaker ones fall.
The campfire was burning in anger,
when it heated the hunter
The hunter’s rifle jumped excitingly,
but the animals ran away
The happiest place on here,
in the green and big forest.
There are animals 2ho don’t hurt you,
unless you try to hurt them

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