The Paradox

Oh, life, you are a paradox
You contradict yourself constantly
We see fields of green-then a day later, a blizzard of white
We see love in a marriage...then a year later, hate in a divorce
We see a smile on a person over whom death is standing

You strangle us with thoughts and feelings we can't comprehend
The writer with frown lines, sitting alone
The runaway standing on the edge of a building, ready to fly
The two innocent men holding hands while on trial

Oh, life, in those sometimes rare moments where
The stars peek through the grey clouds on a stormy night
That's when you are worth it

You give us happiness when there is nothing
We see a boy told he was going nowhere, become the king of somewhere
We see a girl break the pre made mold and craft her own
We see a war end, ceasing the sorrow and tears
Oh, life, you are perfect in your own way

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