The Parasite

I started my life from humble beginnings.
An Education and job was a must in my young life.
This is where I had my first encounter with junior Parasites.
Junior parasites where not enough to hurt me.
I could not see how the Lord was keeping me.
I love the Lord,prayed every night.
I never worried about loosing my life.
I begin experimenting with a professional Parasite.
They made me feel important and always said things I liked.
My self-esteem grew and my popularity rose out of sight.
All because I was entertaining this parasite.
The parasite got bigger in my life.
The blood pleading folks became a major vice.
Home was no longer a happy site; right was wrong and wrong was right.
The parasite convinced me that cohabitation would be paradise.
I moved into darkness from the marvelous light.
Immediately I felt this was not right.
Pride, ego and the parasite pulled me in like decon to a mice.
The short time I spent in darkness with the parasite.
I would like to leave you with this advice.
No matter what things looks like.
the darkness will never over take Gods Marvelous Light.

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