The Parents I Never Wanted

Lying awake at night
Having the tears drip down my checks as I fight
The feeling of depression

Both of you
Both of you are the reason that I cannot feel what others feel
I never got your love, compassion, or sympathy
Because I was raised with
“Oh well” and “he didn’t mean it” but you did mean it
It took me 14 years to realize the damage you have done to me
My mental state no longer healthy for a 14-year-old
If I talk to you, you wouldn’t understand

I’m scared of you
And what you may do next
Cause I thought you were doing it cause you loved me but you don’t.
Maybe you do, but your so-called “caring” has taken a toll on me that I will never recover from
I will always remember the pain you cause me when you yelled and screamed from across the room or in my face
How you pointed and me in such a manner that I will never forget.
I felt scared at the age of 8
I wish it would be over
No 14 year old should feel like this especially about her parents

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This poem speaks for the kids who don't have a voice in their relationship with their parents. A relatable poem can make a child who is going through a difficult time feel like they are understood, and how they are not alone.