The Past

By Sabrina   

I built my walls to keep my past at bay,

But that wasn't enough

it seeped through my walls,

now that its through it's threatening me to do what I once did,

threatening to get me to do what I tried to do but failed,

it wants me to die

but I will live,

there is someone out there that wants me alive

thought I do not know them yet

I already live to meet them.


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This Poems Story

The poem is about my past, I have been through a lot and I'm only 13. I am still going through things that I don't want to go through, I have a tough life where I get beat and yelled at everyday, and in my free time I cry in my room and cut myself and of course write my poems. But the thing is that I stopped cutting about a month ago and I thought about the stuff I have already accomplished and got through with the help of my friends and my favorite teachers. But the teachers don' t know how much they have helped me without knowing it. I am still tempted to kill my self and cut everyday but I realize it every time I'm about to do something that there are people that love me out there and I have to live and live my life and make it better even if my family doesn't care for me much there are others.