The Past

Well, first my name Steven if you did not know,
Started hustling when I was young, keep watching money grow
Drug dealers approaching me, trying to sell me some
At (age) 10, had facial hair, I am still far from young
Love basketball on a gym court or park street
Only coming home late, for a youngling to eat
Hiding my money away in different parts of my room
For a reason I am up early, earlier than an afternoon
Waiting for my brother, the solider needs to come home soon
I am also military minded and enjoy heat like June
I am a hard seed like a prune, with hustle in my veins
Trying to get the entire world to feel my pain
Money never in my socks, but it is always tucked away
I am holding on to my life, and the day I get away,
But the pain always stays, I just want it to leave
It is strangling me tight, I am just wanting to breathe

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This Poems Story

First and foremost I would like to thank Eber & Wein Publishing for the opportunity. I hope you all enjoyed the poem above about how hard my life used to be growing up trying to survive. Times I felt I needed someone to talk to, but I did not. Currently twenty-four years of age with a two-year-old angel, my daughter Au' Bree Marie Montgomery. I'm finalizing my second poetry book collection, titled Dark Ages Engraved (September 2016), on and the Kindle bookstore. For my other works, please visit Thank you!