The Patented Trick

The Patented Trick

tones hone in on high C's note,
a toast of joy rises above the moon's
floating glance, tining one tune among the stars' glow within smoke from the corners
of the purple room.

a lilt, hum, twinkle and smiling the musical dance; perhaps a ploy?
alone, croons the maestro.

A sharp black jacket's slight velvet gleam under the blue spotlight leans in to captive this audience ears and eyes as they follow the melody’s size unfolding---Sound is the voice murmuring gold.

see flat silence throughout the listening group
as their collective imaginations imbue rainbows of traveling
rhythm wrapped with poetic rhyme setting a harmonial mood?

naturally, charisma
radiates from the mellifluous story he tells; sad, sweet, deep and ageless the lyrical tale's trip develops in a short clip.

the clef’s crest marks time while the chords talk as they ebb a line vibrating this song's tightrope walk and mine.

it’s a pat trick to lure you in embrace your soul and bar none he nets an applause then standing tall; prolegomenon.

the spotlight diminishes to darkness while the audience hall realizes the serenader is gone.

his echoing chant remains a heartfelt baby, an ode--swelled in tears and minds--his way, all the way!
one more for the road.

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