The Path Of Life

Hades is something I go through daily
A pilgrims progress to seek safety
Some days are to much for me to shoulder
The pack I carry feels like boulders
I carry my past, my pain and regrets
The crushing truth of them makes me sweat
But I wipe my brow, my tears, and trudge on
Ill keep walking until I am gone
To bear these pains and regrets is my fate
All must walk this path, narrow or straight
But the choice to walk alone however
Is one we can chose to endeavor
I walk a lonely path due to my past
I travel alone in my own caste
The path set before me is desolate
But I only increase my lone gait
To walk by yourself is hard on this road
But it makes you strong to bear your load
So keep walking, alone or together
Keep walking no matter the weather
This path is not easy and you'll face trials
And you will travel many miles
Keep your head high and run with endurance
And remain brave and adventurous

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