The Path

We stand by the ocean, under the light of the moon,
While the waves make the sounds,
as they played their own tune,
And the glare on the water, by the shadow so bright,
Shine's a road through the darkness,
right up to the light.
The pathway it showed us, as we stood with a stare,
Was a wonder from heaven,
only God could put there,

As the sky meets the ocean, so far out of reach,
We often times wonder as we stand on this beach,
Why the world that surrounds us is in such a mess,
From all of the troubles, and hate we posses,
Weather race or religion, maybe power or greed,
There will always be reason's , and our hatred will bleed,
I'm a world that's not perfect,
we all have a share,
In the blame for this hatred that is shown everywhere,
Just remember, the path that we've taken in life,
Is created by choices and lots of advice,
So plan it out wisely, and live it with care,
Show love and respect for all who are there,
If we live life together and all be as one
This path on the water will lead us all Home.

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