The Pavement, the Stars and Everything In Between

There is a time in all of our lives. A time where you start to think. Where you start to wonder. This begins at the most unlikely of times. At times where you are broken, beaten, crying. But sometimes it starts in dark places that soon come to light. Or maybe it’s those scars, those purple memory lines on your body or soul or mind. Yeah it’s strange, how the light shines through those things, how they make you think. But sometimes you gotta look past your own newspaper like life and look up at the stars, experience the spectacular, what some call the world. Look down at the pavement, see all the shoes. All those souls of rubber racing here and traveling there. Hanging in there, holding on for dear life right here, right now. That’s me most of the time. Just barely holding on the the space between the pavement and the stars. It’s what makes me think. It might open up your eyes a little bit, when you brush past Death. Some say he’s hooded. Some say he is as cold as ice. Some say he is extremely dark. But I think he is just as lost as we are. So he takes people. People to be with him. But a corpse just doesn’t really make company does it? You know dead people don’t have any problems? Go to a cemetery and there’s no problem there. Only silence. Blissful silence. Serenity. Rest. But it’s extremely eerie and disturbing.

We’re all lost. All of us. Whether it be physically. Like lost in a forest. How I long to wonder through the forest and get lost within its green life. Sometimes your lost emotionally. Like someone you new left you alone in the dark and you can’t find the light switch. Now that’s something we all experience, it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world. Maybe your lost in love. Yep, hands down such a good feeling. I’ve been lost in love before, it was an adventure. Maybe spiritually your lost. You can’t figure out what’s up and what’s down, how to pray or how to be a good human being. Now that’s confusing and terrifying, you never know what’s on the other side of life. Keep searching your spirit. I AM is calling to you, listen closely now. Don’t speak, listen...
Maybe your lost psychologically. Your mind. Plays these tricks. A whisper here and a yell there. A face here, a monster there. Very disorienting and frightening. You become the enemy of your self. What’s the difference between reality and your day dreams? There’s a very fine line. Very, very fine. It’s hard to see but you need help to see it. Being lost might be fun and games, but eventually we all lose the game of hide and go seek. Because maybe we never get found. But wait isn’t that a win? No, it’s not. It’s a loss because there’s no one to listen to you. No one to hold you. No one to be there for you. So pipe up now. Be found. Not lost. Life isn’t about being lost in the clouds, but to be found in Him.

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