The Peaceful Time

In the deepest dark of night
that cold blackness that creeps into the bones
and makes one snuggle within the down,

That peaceful time of night when
one rests assured that dawn
will erase the coldness that surrounds,

Is when I feel your breath
upon my skin and for but a brief
moment we breathe the same air,

My heart races wondering how you feel
when you are at peace in shadow-covered sin
and it amazes me how much in darkness we share,

This is the quiet hour, when all of your
meaningless, hurtful words are easily forgotten,
when my deepest sorrows grow dim,

When I am content with all that I must endure,
at peace with the cross I must bear
in an unknown place within,

You are silent, you need not mock me
painful words play no role in this embrace
we are equal, allies in this darkness,

This is the hour I truly forgive you and
and am resigned knowing with you,I will never be safe.

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