The Peacemaker\’s Friend

“Time to make Peace”, said the peacemaker’s friend
with some piece of mind in mind.
The friend of the peacemaker has reason to believe
the peace will be made through time.
He has witnessed intent of the will of all men,
fore, the peacemaker brings him along.
He has seen all a friend can see with his eyes,
as the peacemaker shows all he’s known.
He is wise beyond age and his beard streaks of gray.
He cares so much for the morals of man.
The men that he meets from time to time
are the ones that he makes better men.
One fine day he met a man,
that now calls himself the Peacemakers friend.
A steward of solemn ways he is,
as he follows the lead the peacemaker lays.
Like petals of rose-colored flowers,
falling upon roads not paved,
and the earth surrounds to devour.
Truth be told, his words are bold,
and most often said without fear.
He speaks a way that survives the days.
So that time will allow us to hear.
Engraved in minds, one can’t remove,
Is the impression the peacemaker brings.
Though doubters doubt from a distance,
they’ve heard but they have never seen,
a maker of peace so persistent,
because they know not what peace truly means.
The peace makers friend is not his kin,
although he would love to say so.
From the beginning to the very end,
the peacemaker is the only friend he knows.

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