“The Pen Speaks”

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Jun 26, 2017 9:46am
As I sit and listen
While his Master screams
As I sit and listen
While his Master screams
“The pen speaks”
I am gazing deeply into the stars in his eyes
Getting lost inside his soul
I am thinking to myself
plotting, pondering
As I sit and listen to his written words –-now spoken
More beautiful are his words
than Solomon's beloved: Rose of Sharon
As I wait and listen
my tears hit the pages
Ruining my well written perfectly composed flow
Saddened by his Master's work
As mine own shall never match his
I have lost it
My ruggedness, my rage
As my tears devoured every soul spoken, pain ridden word
“NOW WHAT?!?” I scream
As his pen speaks I am screaming at him
Even now as he spyts his beautifully well thought words
off of his page
He now notices me
that I am angered,pained, and even more so: enraged
It's his own fault
As he has brought me to tears with his words
He then calls me to the mic and asks:
Tam----what seems to be the problem here?
I look at him, gaze into his eyes
allowing him to know the depth and intensity
Of the tears his poetry has wrought
I then firmly state “Allow me good sir”
As I grasp the mic away from his everso envious hand
As I think of the words that I had written with his stolen pen
The master urges me, “go ahead go on”
I look at him as I slowly begin to speak into the microphone
“Who” I scream “do you think you are”
Waltzing into our proverbial hearts,
and speaking into the rugged existence of our souls
I hear you I shout
I hear you as you so eloquently speak
The words of your heart and soul
I listen as you victimize our hearts
da doom da doom da doom
As my heart is racing faster and faster
My mind's emptying too slow
“Who I asked do you think you are bringing the well felt pain
Forging a bond of: blood, ink & purity to this stage?”
Causing my tears to fall
Ruining my words
My well written work on the page.
I am unable to lay claim to the overused term
“I hate You”
Yet therein lies no truth
I envy the way you have touched me so
Then again you are the Master
The one who lays claim to the title:
“My Pen Speaks”
I do not wish to become better nor do I seek to become greater
I come to this stage to impart upon you knowledge of one thing
______No my pen doesn't speak nor do my word's come from my thoughts
MY WORD'S come bleeding from my soul through my pen
My word's reflect the true essence of today's society and MY truths
Rage, Sorrow, Sadness, and Pain
My words are soulfully spoken
For individuals such as yourself
Who are able to aide me in my quest to spread inspiration so freely
That others may also listen listen and hear the words of my soul
and their meaning
My friend Thank You for granting me reprieve
Now you are able to see how much
My soul bared pen bleeds so freely.
TAMMY R. BREWER 10:30 p.m. Sunday 25 June 2017

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It was as a challenge at first because someone I know write's really well.