The Perfect Day

It’s 7:30 AM,
The light brisk air hits my cheeks,
And the sunlight kisses my eyes good morning.
I turn around and see that you’re still fast asleep,
Lazy him, I think, never wakes up on time.
My lips press down on yours and I brush my hands through your hair,
Your eyes flutter open sleepily as you stare into mine.

The normal morning routine follows,
But it feels special because you’re there to share it with me.
I apply soft red lipstick on one side of the sink,
While you shave on the other.
Putting on my earings,
I begin walking to their room to make sure they’re up.
The classic rustling of tiny feet on the hardwood floors is all too familiar,
And I walk away with a smile.

A fresh pot of coffee brews on the stove,
And the classic smell of your special scrambled eggs cooking on the pan fills the air around us.
They run in,
Showering us with hugs and kisses as you lift one of them up and spin them around.
As everyone eats,
I pack two lunches,
One for each of my little miracles.

7:45 AM.
The familiar honk of the school bus alerts our senses and we send them off,
Wishing them the best day ever.
Now it’s your turn to say goodbye and I adjust your tie before you walk out the door.
Grabbing the keys,
I turn on the engine and drive away,
All the while counting down the hours until I can go back home.

5:50 PM.
The drive back is lonely,
But not in a bad way.
My windows are rolled down,
And the music is ringing softly in my ears,
Like tiny bells.
Down the busy street,
Filled with people who don’t know what they’re doing.
This city is like an ant hole,
And I’m tired of obeying the queen.
Driving down the old dirt road,
The wheels are running over little rocks creating this friction.
The wind is blowing in my hair and the sun is pouring through leaves of the autumn trees.

I’m back home now,
You’re cooking dinner with that “kiss the chef” apron I love so much.
How on earth did I get this lucky?
How on earth could I deserve someone as amazing as you?
You greet me with a kiss,
Your lips taste like sweet honey.
Vegetables that are so fresh they almost look fake are put into the food.
Baskets of homemade bread are lying down.
Grilled chicken and fresh spring salad are placed as well.
Sitting down,
I look around at all the happiness I have,
And feel so blessed.

Kissing our little angels,
They run off to bed.
And finally,
We are alone.
It’s a warm summer night,
But there’s a soft cool breeze floating by.
Both of us are sitting down on the porch,
Holding hands as I read you a poem from my favorite book.
Putting on music you extend your hand and offer me a dance,
Spinning me off my feet.
Dancing through the night,
I pray it never ends.

Because this,
You here,
Is so perfect.
I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.
I can’t wait to find you,
I can’t wait for this story to fly off the pages of this paper,
And become a reality instead of a fantasy I hide in my head.

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