The Perfect Girl

Who is that gorgeous goddess
That walks along my side

Her complexion so deep in beauty she draws the ocean tide
This gentle scene that has me dying with happiness

It's hard to believe she was someone else's past tense
Her body so perfect and sweet it's like she was made from honey

Her soft glow is so sweet her love is as pure as gold its stunning
She has princess written all over her like when she smiles

The sun rises just to sing her name and a million hearts go wild
Her soul so soothe and her human vessel like a crystal statue

She is fit to be queen she values others and keeps her virtue
She has flaws yet loves herself she doesn't care for attention

She's always a hard worker but yet she is her own vacation
She laughs at situations and is angelic at first sight

She sends messages that show she cares and is my light
Yet she is so perfectly unaware of how special she is

So while she isn't to thrilled about compliments I'm in a spliff
She is my natural high she is my perfect gal

Tall,beautiful,smart,gentle,and humorous the perfect pal
The perfect girl ;dose she exist? I don't know.

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