The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

When the blue skies darken, but yet the sun remains
No lightening or thunder, just the sounds of the rain
The clouds still fluffy and white, and the breeze is blowing just right
This here is a perfect storm

First the rain drops just a little, and then it slowly starts to drizzle
The clouds are still fluffy with the bright sun gleaming in the middle
This here is a perfect storm

Still no lightening or thunder, but just as you begin to wonder
The drizzle escalates and the rain starts pouring down
Creating a soothing melody as it hits the ground
This here is a perfect storm

Even though the sky was grey, and the rains poured throughout the day
The bight sun and white clouds still managed to stay
And the lightening and thunder never showed their face
This here is a perfect storm

Simply the Philosophy of
Mz. Vicky

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