The Perfect Storm

We are a storm,
but don’t get mad just yet.
A storm is ferocious, strong, and spontaneous.
A storm creates the perfect set.
The rain is magnificent for those who aren’t afraid to get wet.
Only during a storm will lightning put on a brilliant show...
Only during a storm will thunder let its presence be known...
Only after a storm will two people start to grow.
All reasons why a storm is nothing to groan.

You came into my life like a storm.
It was love at first sight and we grew strong,
starting out calm and warm,
a fantastic storm separates short relationships from the long.
It was all bright skies in the beginning.
Months of sunny days and great feelings,
for each, the other’s heart we were winning.
Then came the thunder followed by the rain,
A test of everything we built.
Our vision grew clearer and the water began to drain.
The sun rose and our love did not tilt.

We embraced the lighting and what we came to be;
A stronger couple, one unit, two people on a course.
Only through a storm can you learn to disagree...
Only through a storm can a relationship reinforce...
Only through a storm can the unknown be known...
I promise you will never go through another storm alone.

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