The Perfect Words

You're waiting for lightning to strike the same place twice
There's no guarantee that it will happen, but you still wait
Ideas swirl in your head, like charged particles in clouds
They weigh down on you the longer you stare at the blank paper
You pick up your pencil
You wait and wait and wait until it strikes you
The perfect words
Their beauty so unreal
You doubt that they originated from you
But in an instant they're gone
Too dumbfounded by their excellence, you forgot to write them down
Their beauty retreats back into the gray clouds of your mind
You've forgotten the most important part of writing: the writing
You hang on to the false hope of another storm
You wait and wait and wait for your lightning to strike, again
But you don't fret or complain
You love to wait for that feeling
Feeling that one spark of inspiration
It makes all of the waiting worth it in your eyes
It's the only time you can escape the gray of your life
And join all of the greats who seem to live in the light

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