The perks of being nostalgic

The perks of being nostalgic,
from blurred past to teary drop,
the sense of happiness is vast.
It makes you feel,unveil

Secrets that you kept treasured.
The loss of loved ones,childhood
from Harry potter to Robinhood,
your shortcomings which nobody spoke of.

Its a feeling so sweet,even
sugars and sweets can't satisfy
Although its a sweet mistake we can't rectify,
mulling it over and over again

Who said past is a waste paper?
perhaps they dont know the feeling of love,
missing,memories of an unfulfilled vow.
Its a simple form of time machine,

which can be operated in an instant.
The feeling of connectedness it provides
is a great wave of escapism swept in tides.
With love,from a frequent time traveller.

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