The person I’ve become

My life's not complete far from it it's a mess.
I try my best to succeed but so far it's all just a test.
No matter how hard I try I can never get it right.
Most of the time I wonder what will become of my life.

All the dreams I grew up with seemed to die in the past.
Now all I want is a dream that will last.
My career my future seems to lead to computers.
But am I really happy or will they be my prosecutors.

I don't know any more my pastimes my passions.
They've lost there meaning I don't get the same reaction.
They overwhelming joy I felt to get into a new game.
I now fear they will never be the same.

They bore me and I hate them for it and no matter how much I try I rarely enjoy it.
I try my best to just rekindle the flame that one made me alway want to play.
But now I turn it on and soon after just want to put it away.

It must be me have I changed without even knowing.
If so who is this new person that I am becoming.
I have changed not on the outside but in.
Like this new person is wearing me like some sort of animal skin.

I've tried to fight but I just can't fight anymore.
So I'll just let him win because to be honest I just can't do it anymore.

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