The Person Who Broke Your Heart

The worst kind of pain is having to see
The person who broke your heart everyday.
Doing everything you can,
Just to stay out of their way.
Watching as they continue to grow
While you continue to break down.
They'll never know.
They don't see the pain in your eyes,
Because they don't understand how you cared about all the little lies.
Even as you slowly move on
The terrible feeling when they're around is never gone.
They don't notice your every move like you notice theirs.
You have so many more cares.
The person who broke your heart is ok,
Yet you aren't you're in a limbo.
All you can do is feel that pain and let it stay.
They don't see how much you cared.
How often you wanted to tell them,
But when you did they just stared.
It's hard when you fall in love with someone who didn't care from the start.
To the person who broke your heart,
They'll never know what it's like to feel that hollow.
They'll never see how hard it is for you to just swallow the pain.
After all there is nothing for anyone to gain.
To the person who broke your heart,
Just let them know you loved them from the start.
But now you'll learn to be alone again.
Maybe one day your head won't spin.
Next time you will be able to tell what actual love is.
From the very first kiss.
To the person who broke your heart for the first time,
One day you'll learn and they can watch as you shine.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this during a bad time in my life, and it helped me know I can get through it.