The Person You’ve Become

Have you become the person
you didn't want to be?
That person who is not the you,
That you started out to be?

You feel different from where you started as that younger version of you.
You think and feel differently,
Hoping to improve on the version of you
That one that you wanted to be, and now you fear you are not the
You that you hoped to be.

You change friends, families, thoughts, feelings, heart and mind.
You convince yourself that you’re happy there,
In that changed version of you.
Then, that day happens.
You don’t see you in the mirror,

There’s someone else standing there looking back at you.
Who is this version of you?
Did they come from inside of you, were they there all along?
Is this a vision of who you did not want to be?
How do you get back to that you that you swore you’d become?

Starring at the one in the mirror you begin to see,
The eyes, nose and mouth they all belong to you,
But whose emotions are in the eyes you see looking back at you?
Where did that pain come from?
That longing? That fear?
Was it the other version of you who put them there?
Or, were they there all along?

Through the shadows and lies you failed to see.
You missed the moment when that other you went away
That moment in time when you changed, ever so slightly
You missed the chance to say goodbye to the other version of you,
The better version, the one you always knew you’d be.
And now you mourn that loss of you.

Marjorie Burghdoff Banks

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