The Pheonix

Just like a rose we all will wilt
Upon the soil, salt, and silt
What is this life that I lead
I look to write more than read
I look at past but move for future
I am part man, part beast, full creature
What is this house I've built
The floors, the beams, and all the rafters
Bring back the longing of green pastures
Chain can't be strong with links left broken
Solemn vows appear false words spoken
I am the Phoenix from the ashes
Evacuate set corse before train crashes
What is this house I've built
The doors all lead to endless maze
Windows reveal reflection not gaze
Mirrors reflect a person not known
Finally my true colors are shown
This is not me but the Phoenix
Flames that burn all between us
Now burn this house I've built
The walls, the roof, and the ceiling
It all will crumble, fall from meaning
The burning dies, the flame passes
A Phoenix rises from the ashes
A new house will be built

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This Poems Story

I dedicate this poem in its entirety to my rock and constant pillar of support, Alli. Thank you for always believing in me.