The Phoenix Reborn

The Phoenix is tired,
His flames have just died.
His heart is still beating,
But tears fall from his eyes.

The Phoenix is alone,
It’s a cold empty night.
His fire that once flashed,
Have just shed their last light.

He lays on the rocks,
They are hard, stiff and cold.
The Phoenix is young,
But his soul feels so old.

As he crumbles to ashes,
He looks to the stars,
And he asks them all, why?
As he crumbles apart.

Now there lay his ashes,
A dull smoldering dust.
Of a Phoenix who loved,
A Phoenix who lost.

But there in those ashes,
He is now strong as steel.
Sometimes that’s what it takes,
To learn what is real.

But he isn’t done yet,
Don’t you dare close your eyes.
For when you think he is finished,
That’s when his flames start to rise.

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