The Phone Call

The phone call that none of us want to receive
It is thought of on occasion throughout our lives
The phone call that delivers the message to us
Our loved one has passed to the other side
That call that takes our breath away
That call that makes us crumble to the floor
That call that makes our hearts cry out
That call that causes the tears to flow

Remember when that call comes to you,
it also comes to your loved one.
That call didn't take their breath away;
it breathed eternal life back into their being.
That call didn't cause them to crumble to the floor;
it took them straight to a heavenly state.
That call that makes our hearts cry out
filled them with eternal love.
That call that causes our tears to flow
took all their tears away.
That call that causes such intense pain within our being
released them from their pain.
That call that crushes us all and we don't know how to go on
just gave them direction and released them from it all.
When you get that call that we never want to receive,
remember the blessings that our loved one now breathes.

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