The Photo Frame

A stretch of open road engrosses my view
The azure blue sky veiling our heads,
Laced with cotton clouds
That seem to whisper and shift.
The paint stroke of cement complimented with
A dash of yellow guidelines.
Out beyond our tiny observation deck lies a terrain,
With a frame of glass and gray plastic.
The photograph freezing and morphing simultaneously,
Growing the rolling blankets of green, spun with soft
Cotton candy structures of trees and foliage,
Occasionally speckled with crimson blossoms.
The frequent pass of soft-spirited wildlife
Basking in lethargic bliss
The scent of earth and manufactured comfort
Complimented by the steady hum of
Wheels gliding atop the firm surface of pavement,
In a steady, productive pace.
You and me, sitting side by side,
Riding in this metal box bound
Together by the vision of the American Dream.

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