The Pieces of Heart

I have a little story to tell, I know just where to start.
It's not a very long one, It begins within my heart.
It was all in pieces, lying scatter on the floor.
I knew I had to pick them up,and replace them as before.
I couldn't bring myself to do it,
because they never seemed to fit.
There were always pieces missing,
never sure quite where they went.
So, I started searching for the pieces left behind.
Then, I started crying for the ones I couldn't find.
As I searched alone, you see, for the pieces I held dear,
I tried to call for help, but I guess no one could hear,
No one close enough to my heart to see the pieces fall.
I kept it hidden far from sight, blocked, behind a wall.
Then my wall began to crumble, one brick at a time,
and standing on the other side,
was the reason for this rhyme.
He didn't tell me who he was, he just opened up his hand.
He said, " I found these on the beach, scattered in the sand."
I stared in disbelief at the pieces of my heart.
He said,
"We'll put them all together, and you'll have a brand new start."
Now, my heart is mended, the pieces all in place
and I'd like to thank him kindly, for the smile upon my face.

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