The Pillow Fight

I never knew loving you would be like a pillow fight,
challenging each other from the start,
you knew from jump what I was about.
Of course I hid my feathers,
my pain, my past, my tears, damn I hid my soul.
That first hit caught me off guard,
there went the past.
We rustle around on the bed and I catch you,
laughing softy, that was your head.
You try hard to get me to open up but I'm guarded,
tickling me until I cry, the pain,
as a small amount of feathers fell out the pillow.
Jumping, ranting, chasing each other for clarity of what's
being held back,
two smacks and you fall.
My pillow burst spilling my tears and my soul,
you pull me close, hugged me, and told me, "I know."
How did you know that our pillow fight would make me.
How did you get me to.
How did you know?

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