The Pit

The Pit is dark, deep and menacing
When you enter the pit it engulfs you in cold darkness.
The Pit doesn't care about you. All it wants to do is drag you to the bottom and drown you in despair, fear and pain.
The Pit has nothing in it to help you climb out. It wants it needs you in there to feed it. The emptiness grows as you suffer.
The Pit's bottom is made of quick sand, the more you try and get out the deeper you go in. There is no escape from the pit.
The Pit takes your bad memories and plays them over and over to keep from looking for the good ones.
The Pit is your soul screaming for help but no help comes to the rescue.
The Pit is your own personal hell that haunts you day in day out.
Only one way out of the pit.......but let's not talk about that.

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