The Pits of my Never Ending Misery

I've have things that go out of my life, school
Why? You ask. Because I'm the owner of this despair an
I'm a one-time school student every ten years and a bum
I'm a one time employee with no promotion and low pay.
Also, Never Ending Misery for me to be is a man without
A future. My life is in the dumps. I don't ask for much
I just want the Pits of My Never Ending Misery to end.
The pits are withdraws from three schools and a big
Stack of nonexistent employment history, I have there.
I have no skills to match, nothing to offer anyone.
My fantasy of hanging myself on a ceiling to End the
Pits of my Never Ending Misery is the only that
Satisfies me. I always though being dead is better than
Being alive, I won't have to worry about nothing.
Thus, I try to be slick and make something of myself,
I end up doing nothing but failing, twenty years at
Home with no job, car, no apartment, no girlfriend,
No friends, no hopes for the future. This is my fate an
I accept it as such, for this is the Pits of my Never
Ending Misery.

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